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Send in your best holiday photos for a chance to win one of the amazing prizes!

We are convinced that you as vacationer take the best and most striking photos. If you do not have a problem with the use of your holiday photos, we request you to send in a few digital ones. The photos we use on our site and in our brochure automatically participate in the distribution of the prizes. This may be a coupon for a sailing holiday, a voucher for a dinner, a Frisian package, and much more….

Whenever you visit our site, chances are you come across your own photo!


Eleven Cities package!
Have you always dreamed of doing the Eleven Cities Tour? The entire Eleven Cities route is navigable.

Did you know our houseboats are extremely suitable for navigating the Eleven Cities route? Because of the low vertical clearance, width and depth, you can effortlessly navigate the beautiful and well-known Eleven Cities Tour. Visit a gorgeous Frisian city every day. Take a walk, have a drink, grab a bite or enjoy a free spot in nature.

The package can be booked for a minimum rental period of 7 days. The route can be personalized if you do not want to visit certain cities or if you wish to prolong a visit. Please notify us of your wishes upon booking; we will then provide you with a personalized information folder including itinerary.


Sail training
Little to no experience? No problem!


We are often asked whether we also give a skipper training course. This year, we have indeed decided to provide this option. We offer this course on location Koudum. After a short compilation of the theoretical knowledge, we will test it in practice. Everything you might come across will be discussed, including sailing out from the harbor, berthing and unberthing, and knotting the mooring lines. You can make reservations by sending us an email or calling us. It costs €50 per hour including the boat costs. 



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